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 Piano Business History

My experience in the piano business started back in 1974 after graduating from high school.  Being then my family had a piano retail store, I learned from my grandfather and father, tuning and repair.  Our retail store is closed now but I am presently continuing with field service to accommodate musicians from the past to present.  

Excellence in Piano Tuning

Being a 3rd generation Piano tuner/technician , over time I have mastered the art of equal temperament tuning.  My method of aural tuning is accomplished by using tuning forks to tune the scale to concert pitch.  

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 Present and Future Interest

 As for now creating a work of art. To me that is the benefit of learning and playing music. Other interests are virtual ensemble composition using computer DAW recording.  Aspiring to play the woodwind C-melody Saxophone, and piano of course. 

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